Sunday, April 12, 2009


Slept at almost 5plus ytd..
Watched movie, chatted on msn, played FB games & trivias,
spamming my FB wall with mei lol,
painted my nail :p, took photos of my frenched nails lmao=x

My nice nails =x

Aiya, im one bored woman lol..
I should have gone out with my frens x.x
Been getting opinions on stuff frm frens, on my thinking, on how i do things.
I knw im stubborn sometimes, and true, i need to let go of the
past to move forward..
I keep saying that its haunting me everyday, maybe im the one letting it.
Maybe im hiding behind that statement so that i dont need to face the world.
I really shd stand up to it.
Im juz really scared of getting hurt and i hide the fear with sarcasm.
Hmmmm :(

My nice nice monitor...THAT I CANT USE! ._.

Men in Black o.o...

I came in room with my emo black attire and the whole room

went black with me..lolzz =3

My foot is still swelling..hmmm..not very cool..


Hope u all had a great weekend,

And greater week ahead!! (until the next weekend :p)

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