Saturday, April 18, 2009

Its'a Saturday~!
Lolz, as if that means anything to me. Everyday is like a Saturday to me xP! Though its not a very fun saturday, coz its so bleepin hot x.x Even when ur sitting down doing absolutely nothing, its still as hot. Tmd tmd tmd =x.
Been preoccupied with robot wars the second half of the day (till now =x), 1st half, im not so sure..hmmm..maybe cursing the weather x.x.. oh ya, that and the fact that i did not have ppl in my squad which made me lose 1 out of 3 battles fought, so was lazy to play. Not until i added ppl in my squad. Dont ask me how though lolz..its a complex procedure staged out by my zhu =/.. so now i have 8ppl in my squad and im hooked on fightin ppl x.x Babe, i blame u for this!
So now, im having a hot drink, playin robot wars, watching Rush Hour 3, bloggin, reading ppl's blogs, reading forums (LOL! Multi-tasking to de max!) and basically enjoyin my nite xD..Shall sleep soon though, hehe..need to meet up with some ppl tomoro..i think..oh well, we'll see :)
Nites peeps n sweet dreams~ <3s~

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