Tuesday, April 14, 2009

Nothing much to blog about today..am actually quite sleepy lol x.x
*Note to self: SLEEP EARLIER!*
But wth, its already 3am and im still here =.=
Woken up today by zhu's phone call..YES I WAS SLEEPING! =x..though i said i was awake d hurhur...i was awake la..juz juz...couldnt get out of bed =x..
Played abit of audi with babe and it was already 2pm...tot of goin back to bed. But i didnt lah ok?
Im not a pig =( .. Watched abit of movies, sent out resumes for jobs, made some phone calls..so yeah hopefully there will be some interviews soon. My leg still swollen hor babe..its not an excuse lor =( .. Need to go see doc again tomoro coz my ankles really swollen sia x.x..
Went in audi later in the evening, played with darling till she lvled then drove out to get dinner. All this time, still bery bery sleepy..even with playing with darling..But i didnt want to sleep coz i scared i wont be able to sleep later. Hmm..so much for that theory coz im still awake!.. I really need to wake up earlier tomoro..
Babe! call me again pls =x
After having dinner, went to lie down and i think i fell asleep lol x.x..short nia la..(sorry zhu didnt hear ur sms lol)..audied half asleep again until ard 1.30 then went to bath and here i am now. Awake but tired o.o..
Going to force myself to sleep soon. Need to go some places tomoro.
"I know i can be demanding, because i believe ppl can change, but I can also change and learn not be so demanding and meet you halfway.."

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