Friday, April 3, 2009

Another week...of my life

Juz finished watching Sex and the City - The movie (YES!
Thought it would a lame show b4 i watched it, and as my family put it..
alot of sex ( if they're all saints =_=)
Anyway watched it not coz of that, bt the concept of the whole show..
abt finding love and also the frens tat are there for you when u need them..
Made me think alot of my own friendships.
Maybe, baby u were right..maybe i didnt put in enuf effort, didnt care enuf,
didnt make the fs strong enuf..
Maybe in a way, ive become cynical of the term friendship..
Maybe its all an excuse to hide my weakness.
Trust - it is a 5 letter word. But it means so much to me.
And yet, i cant even trust myself..for now.
Im contradicting myself, i knw..its juz how i feel now.
I knw wat i need. I need a
I need a monitor fr my cpu also..hahaha
Tired of talking, tired of thinking.
Maybe i shd stop.
Not everything i say is sarcasm.
Will u listen to me once in a while?
Will u be there for me like u promised?
Do u understand anything abt me?
"Ever thee
Ever me
Ever ours"

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