Friday, April 24, 2009

Battle battle battle! :p
Jus turned lvl31 earlier and currently having 87 squads lolz =x Im nt really extreme k? There are other ppl who are more *hints babe* Lololol :p ... Juz had my bath, and thought..hmm i really shd update. Although i didnt really do much except to hit attk when the time came LOL! Bleh~ Well, its rainin now, been raining fr a few days..good weather? Er not really lol..Unless its cooling the one now..ahhh~ Feeling sleepy x.x
Seriously, been super hot lately, not only hot hot but humid too..nt an ounce of cold air AT ALL!..Came to the point that im wearing less garments to sleep an ard the hse lol..Im decent la, juz braless n pantless LOL! I REALLY CANT TAKE IT K? T_T
Fell asleep fr 15 mins...o.o
Ok, so where was i? Oh, in short? Malaysia is hot, Penang is hot, Greenlane is hot and im hot LOL! Jk la..Heat gettin to me *sobsob* Been sleeping in the wee mornings these few days, wat else ar, battling, watchin dvd's, and chatting with a pig who's working abnormal hrs :p
So basically thats abt it, nthg much..but i juz realised thats is a Friday d! lawls..i really didnt realise lor..Oh well..
"I wish so much to be the person i was b4, ever trusting, ever happy, ever ignorant, ever full of love..the person u once knew. Im trying, but i need u to help me move on..Will u hold my hand and be there?"

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