Wednesday, April 1, 2009

Random thoughts..

As usual, my blogger page has been opened fr the past 2 days
and i have yet to see a single word typed out...
So, it shall not stay empty anymore..i shall attempt to update! =x
Am currently multi-tasking..
As in playing with my facebook (PS shd have new stuff today lol),
my sis asking to look after her restaurant in FB ...she say she want to cut her fren's
level, so ask me look after fr her until lvl 14 at least =_=
and also my very frail attempt in updating my blog..
These past few days has been somewhat eventful,
even with me being not able to walk alot..
Proud to say, Im, or at least anoili is lvl 49 in Audisea xD.. 2 more lvls to WS..jyjy~
And all this juz to cut some1 who cut my lvl u so kiasu??
Anyway the main reason was cause, we said whoever reach WS ,
the other person will mega for them...and i want him to do it 1st..LOL!
Other than that, my leg is still swollen..was suppose to go see doc today but
i was worried for someone and decided to stay home in case he needed me..
Shall go tomoro.. :)
Been checking out some stuff, so been walking out alot as well..
not very cool coz it hurts when i reach home x.x
Other than that, have been rotting at home..really the point i find things
to argue about ...i dono why..but its not all senseless k?
Its juz when i have alot of time of my hands, i tend to think more than i normally do :(
Today, watched Sex in the City - the movie, Hancock (Will Smith, yum :p)
Old movies, but then again i havent watched movies fr abt a year?
Thanks babe fr passing them to me =3
Also been tryin to company some1 who was feeling really down..and i felt useless
coz i couldnt help with anything...and i couldnt be there for you :(
Been hearing alot of this word recently.
One thing i knw for sure, once its will nvr be the same anymore.
U said to me, don always dont trust you, and think negatively..
Its becoz of the past..
Dont deny it, coz that would be like treating like im a fool who didnt know..
I dont like finding out things frm other ppl, i juz want u to be able to
tell me the truth..even if it hurts me.
Ppl have said, maybe its coz i tend to overreact, how can i not sometimes?
I knw wat u can do, coz uve done it before..
how can i not treat everything u do now with a little bit of suspicion?
Im sorry i turned out this way. Im trying to change my thoughts..
Wanted to say these things to you, but didnt want to make u feel worse..
so i kept it in..until now..
I dont knw whether u will read this part, but i needed to get it out.
When i said there was no reason for me to go back, and u said ok..
It hurt me, coz i felt unwanted, not needed anymore.
Maybe as you said i am the single candle will shine through the darkness,
but all im trying to do is to light it so that u can find your way out..
In time.
"somehow, i not who i used to be
not anymore..
i dont even know if its a good thing.."

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