Friday, March 27, 2009


Well, its almost 4am now, am actually feeling quite sleepy lol =\
Been sleepin early these past few nites, b4 3am sleep le..
maybe coz my body is really tired.
Really straining to walk properly, i feel so useless at times.
So many things i cant do for myself, even bathing is a problem,
walking to get my own food or drinks, i need to think twice.
I feel like a burden :(
Im frustrated, angry and stressed out.
Anyone who says they want to be in my position, please come n take it.
Anyway, had my second visit to sinseh today..
Unwrapped my foot coz the med was making it itch x.x
And the swelling hadnt reduced, they say quite serious coz of the fracture.
So had it wrapped up again.. hope it doesnt itch.
Thought wanted to cancel my dinner appointment with frens but ive been stuck
at home so many days and i really missed them, so i went.
Had to have mum drop me, though she grumbled abit she took me anyway :)
Well, they had alot of seafood courses..something which i cant eat of the leg thingie.
So had to eat veggies nia x.x
Laughed alot, lamed alot..really missed those times.
Went on to cafe after dinner to continue our chat..coz one of our fren
was back frm UK for 2 weeks.
It was quite a cool nite, and enjoyed myself outside of home xD
Well they dropped me home almost 10plus and i came back to an empty home.
Family went out shopping (seriously my family shops alot x.x)
Chatted with bass n a fren, played abit of audi, and here i am now..
My cpu is giving me problems, as in it wont detect the monitor..haiz
i dono wats the problem, bt i tried fixing it juz nw and hit my leg coz i slipped zz
Floor slippery + my bandage + my sis wide table = pain
Nuf said.
Shall try again
"would you be happier if i wasnt there anymore?
juz say the word and ill be gone "

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