Thursday, March 26, 2009


Sry guys, but these few days de posts wil have a lot of ramblings and grumblings from me..
Lol x.x
The reason, you all shd knw by now right?
Im very moody n restless, esp when the size of my toes are like oversteamed cocktail sausages..
I think they wrapped abit too tight, bt then again i guess to make sure the plate don move ard..
And to top it all off, it itches where u cant scratch dao..
It itches now @_@ Great!!
Am now watching anime in hopes that i will forget abt it..
Even audi'ing doesnt help, coz it only reminds me that ur not there :(
Dont push me away at times like this,
Dont hide ur pain from me,
Dont keep silent and keep me worried,
Dont do all that and expect me to keep calm.
What I thought never mattered in the first place.

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