Wednesday, March 11, 2009

I HAVE A HEADACHE!!! tooth aches x.x
Dam it! Sad de lor :(
Think its the hot weather ba, then rain, then hot =_=
And been following my mum out alot,
Helping her with her epf stuff, big stuff, small stuff, stuff
Also been rotting abit in my room,
watching dvd's ..huhu..
And this morning, my hand itchy go and update to latest msn..
Click~ Ahhh!! fug fug fug fug =x
Then had to keep reinstalling old, ahhh.. long story..
In short, its fixed =_=
That word reminds me of something which is still not..
MY PC! zzzzz **()&#@@&()_
Sian.. now he call me find my MB de cd..wth?
2 yrs ago whr to find? I look at the boxes in the store room i also wan ki siao d >.>
Been having sleepless nites..though my body tells me im really tired..
i juz cant seem to fall asleep.. and end up sleeping in the wee hrs of the morning..
So, im emo'ing n moody and not having enuf sleep..
Pls do not irritate me more..u wont win =x
Other than that, pretty mundane stuff..
I dono if i shd rattle on n on abt my day day happenings..hmmm
All i knw is, ive been eating alot more than normal zzz
Not cool lor..after i lost all tat weight in KL..
And after saying all that, here i am eating cendol on a rainy day...=_=
Wat a doink!
Wat else? hmm.. doggie had a haircut ytd..and we bought him tis cutest little shirt!! =x
Lol..ok ba..
I shall not continue to bore u ppl with my lame and uninteresting posts d..
So, cheers peeps and have a great remaining of week :)
"how is it that even with ppl ard me, i still feel alone?"

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