Wednesday, March 4, 2009

My doggie loves whip cream!!! =X

Hmm..ignore the title, its a random thing
coz i was spraying whip cream from the can to my mouth and my dog ran up to me,
stood on its hind legs and wanted some.. cute can? xD
Anyway, another update on my mundane yet somewhat blissful life..
Im back in Penang..yup, home sweet home :)
Mum actually cleared the back room for my pc n sweet
Maybe they scared i make too much noise until very late =x
Life is calmer for me these few least im nt as lonely or as stressed..
I did some very stupid things during my last few days there..
Things i did coz i felt i didnt knw who i was anymore..
Or how to listen to my heart, that it was juz telling me lies and hurting me..
How my perceptions of ppl are becoming horrible..trusting wrong ppl :(
In the end, though there were alot of heartaches, alot of drinking, alot of crying..
I also learnt who are the ppl who truly cared..who really was worried..
And i love them more for it..
I love u..
The 3 words which i thought i wont say so easily again...
When i thought abt it, i was being unfair to the ppl who truly deserved those words..
All i needed was time to climb over that mountain of hurt..and i did :)
The only that sucks now is my pc doesnt work T_T
Im least i knw i will :)

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