Thursday, February 26, 2009

Food Trip!!! xD (Part1)

Okok, this is a very late update..since the actual food trip was last saturday..
But hey, better late than never rite? xP
Alot of things have happen when i was goin to blog abt it..
But ive managed to put it behind me..
So after 1week, here is the update =x
Anyway the idea came from an ex coll who was planning to back to his hometown,
and also had in mind to open a satay celup restaurant xD
Satay celup? Never had it before :p
So finally the plan materialised and he was gonna take us to other food places in Melaka as well..
Hence, FOOD TRIP!! xDD
Left in the morning, had lunch and reached at abt 3plus..
Before that, he brought to us a famous satay place, to let us try out..
(He kept complaining coz i kept commenting on the food, im from Penang leh..cant help it :p)
It was okok lo..maybe coz we took it back to his place and it gt cold d...
Anyway his mum made Nasi Lemak! NICE xDD
Then rested abit, and we headed back to hotel for rest b4 the next food place x.x
Oh ya, we also had cendol, really not the same as pg de wor...:p
Full le at tis point x.x
Oh well, have to have dinner rite? hahaha =x
Oh ya, b4 i forgot, my coll brought his cousin along, he's german chinese..very cute^^
NEEEWAYYSS, thats another story rite? lmao.. back to food stories..
Ok, he brought us tis place..shyt cant remember road name x.x
(Point taken, always blog after the event =x)
Starts with C something...dam it..nvr mind..
Anyway it was this back lane food place, and they had this low table and little chairs
and you can hv clams, sotong, basic seafood stuff..Yum!
They said there was another stall opposite which has better sauce..
but he wasnt open lo...awww
After that fulfilling dinner, we went strolling by Melaka river..
they wanted to take the boat ride...i don wan le..motion sickness..
So lousya la :p
Went to see lanterns, took piccys...*Snap snap*
Mind u, this is to burn off dinner so that we can hv supper =x
Fren was like a tour guide..telling us abt Melake hotspots..
but he dono hw to get there de, knw hw to say nia ._.
Lousya again=x
Went Jonker Walk, walk walk walk somemore..hehe
Satay Celup time!!
Went abt 12plus, they say best time to have it wor..
i dono leh, juz anyhow follow hehe..
They wanted to go this shop called Continental de? But dam alot of ppl leh..
So went another place ba.. conclusion?
It was ok ba..the sauce abit too sweet..but overall it was nice..
I think maybe cz we ate too much le..then kenot appreciate the taste..x.x
Something different lor, think of lok lok with satay sauce as dipping^^
Went back hotel, feeling veli veli bladi need eat for a few days d..
And to top it all, kenot sleep..coz fren snored the nite away =.=
Next morning, all kenot wake up x.x
Tot the Chicken Rice balls no more le, but we decided to try our luck..
Still got!! hehe..
Cute lor...balls of rice..:p
Then our table was next to the guy who was chopping up the chicken,
My fren ask him, uncle u one day chop how many? =.=
He say ok ok lo..LMAO! Uncle pian us!
We sit there awhile nia, he chop non stop le..
Then went souvenier shopping ba, didnt really buy much lo..
Jus walk walk and look..Hot day x.x
Then we decided to go Mahkota Parade to shop there and also wait for my fren to come..
Walked abit, was sleepy and hot haha..
Then went to tis HK themed restaurant and ate again =x
Finally fren came and we went to his place..
His mum made satay..HOMEMADE DE LOR! =x
Really really nice x.x
Really! Hehe..
I told my fren, u can open many types of shop le.. juz ask ur mum cook :p
Walao, although still full, but ate also...x.x
Please be reminded in between we had alot of other small stuff lo..=x
Full n sleepy...worse x.x
Slept awhile and then headed home at abt 8plus..
Reached home also almost 12 le...wahwah..
In conclusion..
Very nice trip..and enjoyed myself alot xD
Alot of places nvr went to lor..Nvm next time :p
Thought i wanted to upload piccy's lor...but..
Dam streamyx! Dam dam dam!!
Nvm, part 2 :p
Later ppl say i don update again...x.x

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