Wednesday, February 18, 2009


Finally after 3 days of opening my blogger finally posting..
Funny to suddenly think abt it..but i only manage to update when audi is down...
And guess what?
Its ._.

And also due to the fact that my life is so monotonous
that i can actually blog 2 weeks of stuff in one post
and still have the need to find things to talk abt..hmm..
Well i guess as i blogged in my last post, been spending sleepless nites,
and also stopped eating x.x
There was one time i actually audied till it was time to work =x
One week = less than 10hrs sleep
One day while walking back from work, had to smoke a cpl of ciggies so i didnt faint lol..
I like my walks, though it takes me roughly abt 1/2hrs to reach the lrt
Gives me time to think, to destress :)
Every day i think of wat i shd post abt..
and now when i think back, everyday is the same leh..
juz add here n there nia zzzz
(ah fug, trail of thoughts derailed with ppl spamming my msn =3)
Stopped eating?
Ya..didnt eat for 2 days..this time really fainted ._.
Think im having tendencies to torture myself..bian tai le? Maybe..
The bad thing out of this? MY BOOBS ARE SHRINKING!! fug..T_T
Anyway been as said earlier..been audi'ing..alot..too much i think x.x
Until im lvl'ing 2 weeks after my last lic..and mind u i cant really play on lappy
And i only do 5 moves and stop..Point proven..ima sort of sick of audi? x.x
So beloved anoili is a KING!! o.o

Also been playin if no money i wont play de =x
So thankx baby xmm fr playin for me :p


Well another chapter of my life is ending...supposed to end last week but
delayed it abit more...juz in case..
But then..ive sorta given up? And my heart is not there anymore..
All i knw is i will miss alot of ppl..
Time to move on :)

Omg la..this post is really many days to finish x.x
There were also suggestions on wat i shd blog ._.
So here they are..suggestions from my >.>

From baby xmm:
Dear blog, I've been fumbling with my words and finally salvation came in the form of baby..

From jf:
Dear shyt, i shyt ard today please clear my shytty shyt..
Sign off ; the one who shyts

Lol..fuggot ._.

Somehow there's this feeling that ive left out something..and i will kik myself after ive posted this.
But if i dont, i knw i will nvr remember wat it was..zz
So shall post this and fug myself later =x


Somehow i cant tell which is worse anymore..
To live in regret in the choices i made..
To live in doubt of the ones i didnt..

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