Thursday, March 19, 2009

Another day, another post..

Tick tock..tick tock...tick tock...
How time flies when ur having fun..
Having fun doing absolutely nothing much..zzz
Dont ask me wat im doing, coz most probably it will staring at the lappy,
Wondering what to do next x.x
I go in audi, come out, go in facebook, come out, go in mailbox, come out..
Well, you get the picture...lolz
And yet too lazy to do anything else...omg..rot si me zzzz
Mum ask me go out buy laksa, i also no mood..
Juz the dam weather here...when it rains it hot, when it doesnt its like hell x.x
And starting to get very easily irritated..arghhhh!
Need to find a job...soon..crap.
Juz finished washing my car...washed it like so dam long k? And juz had the roof fixed :)
Then watched National Treasure 2..and now sitting here..staring again..
Been in FB alot, actually i nvr even close it =x
Slots, scratch off, and PS...lolz..
Oh of my ano in Ps...wait wait..i post! (tis is hw free i am=x)
This is my new look for ytd :p...i like my pirate set hehe(thanks to baby hehe)...
and also went berserk over the toys ytd x.x...i love my pirate ship =3
i still need the ambulance!! Last missing piece..

My previous look b4 the pirate was for St Patrick's Day de i think..

I like the elf thingies hehehe =x

Oh ya, anoili is currently Lvl 48 d hurhurxD..few more and WS d x.x

And then wat? hmmmm...

I try not chiong'ing but hor some1 is chasing me..and i donwan him cut me :p

Kiasu me...LOL! =x

And now, i need to find something to do..before i lose my mind...

Should i go try get my ambulance in PS? =xxx

Tomoro's Friday guys!!

Have a great day tomoro for a greater weekend!!

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