Friday, March 20, 2009

The aftermath.

Slept earliest ytd, ard for me k?
Laid down n juz fell asleep..weird..didnt roll ard like im so used to doing..
Woke a few times in the morning, thought i heard my phone sms..K garden's Hope of Spring lol..
Thought it was you.. and then ard 1 was..
You knw, i was happy when i saw wat u did for me..i really was. Honest.
I juz realised, language, spoken words, written words are very powerful..
How a simple qn, could be a simple reply could be too.
It shows what a person is feeling at that moment, tells u what their emotions are like..
Its not always if u knw someone long enuf, it normally
I would be happier if u didnt take ur anger out on me.
Really, i cant take those things u said and the way u said , it hurts.
Sometimes, things can be put in another way, and not the way u did it.
Im sorry if i seem sarcastic.

Oh ya..on a lighter pc is back :)
Now the only fuggin problem is, i don hv a monitor =_=
Dam it!
Need to go scout fr one d..hehe.
And and came out with the new cpl 31 hearts mode..
Cute moves, cant do much on my lappy though..
And stil don get how it
Bt i like the animations for it, esp the winners heart thing..haha =x

Heavy rain this afternoon..hmmm..

Shall go watch Pirates of the Carribean, the 3rd part ba..

"& im sorry i hurt your feelings,
but you hurt mine too..."

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