Monday, March 23, 2009

Pain! T_T

Im feeling so dizzy, so faint...
Coz i juz bladi fell sia..
My slippers were abit too big n the pavement was not flat..thus T_T
I sat there fr awhile, coz i couldnt stand up and the minute i did..i almost fainted @@
The pain is unbearable..tried to lie dwn but it was im sitting here..drowsy..
Fk sia..sigh..:(
Will need to see sinseh tomoro, coz i think i heard it snap x.x
These past few days have been feeling down..
More of dispppointment ba..
Trust..such a fragile word..once its broken, it wil nvr be the same again.
As frens, i try to listen as much as i can, help as much as i can,
be there as much as i can, in short..try to be a good fren.
But i realised, somethings we cant wat other ppl say..
And if those frens choose to believe them rather than their hearts,
Well...i have nothing to explain right? I mean..wat is the point?
If deep inside they don believe us, wat u say isnt gonna change much.
I guess i was dumb. To think u understood.
So, thats that then. Goodbye?
I can only take so much..
Saturday was spent feeling down..tot it was over..
Sunday was spent with family, from morning till late night..
Did alot of things, did my stuff, family furniture shopping lol=_=
Ate alot! omg omg omg.
Then came hm to bad news again frm darling..
Oh well.
I leave it to fate..
All i knw nw trust is not the same fr now..
"why do people never appreciate when they have it,
but mourn when they lose it?"

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