Monday, March 16, 2009

Sleepless In Penang...

I was asked by my zhu to update my blog daily,
then i said eh i donwan bore ppl with my lame posts leh..
Then i tried to update ytd...hmm nothing x.x
So i asked baby, would she be bored if i updated daily...
I mean, i don hv the life of a jet setter leh, jz normal me and my post
are quite emo de lo..haha =x
But she said, well, its a diary of your life...
I guess so..
So here i am, trying to update (bore) you ppl on my happenings..
Since ive been back here..ive realised that ive been sleeping in the wee hrs of the morning
and waking up in the afternoon..
No, its not fun..
Mainly coz, im thinking, im worried abt a lot of things..
Contrary to the belief that i could care less, the fact is, i care too much..
Especially of what my family thinks of me..
There've been some cold wars in the hse, dont ask me abt what,
it juz stresses me out..
Well, enuf sad stuff...
Lets move on to other wat i did these few days :)
Alu uncle came to town,
And it was his birthday, so we ( me, hani n sai kk) went to sing K,
Screamed like crazy (it was good to release)
Maybe it was the red wine..lolz
Then they played snooker..i dono how to play lor T_T
Noob me, duh.
Played once when i was in Sg nia, tt time it was ange, mich and tazz that taught me :)
I miss u guys.
Then we also had seafood dinner on i went late coz was waitin for mum
to come hm..believe it or not..i had to babysit the dog x.x
Went there, they were already eating crab liao..then i also abit not in the mood d
So juz ate abit x.x
Then went to cc lol..went to this one in Farlim coz they had Ip bonus.
Extra 30% dens n exp o.o
Cool eh^^
Well played till almost 5am and went hm..
Sunday..tagged with zhu almost the whole rings soon eh :p
Then at arrow hand pain sia..esp middle finger o.o
Dam, now kenot point at ppl d...lolzz
Too much audi le x.x
Couldnt sleep again last nite..another bad sms, another bad news.
Need to think somemore..zz
Oh well, anyway have a great week ahead peeps =3
" juz trying to find a place where i belong..
is that so hard?"

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