Wednesday, March 25, 2009


Slept for more than 10hrs ytd o.o
The nite before couldnt sleep a wink, anywhere i turned to, my foot hurt..
Well, went to see the sinseh ytd..and he said my ankle bone was cracked T_T
He kept asking me to relax my foot while he aligned the femur, i tried lor..
But dam! Really painful k? I even tried looking elsewhere and thought of happy thoughts..
But in the end, it still came back to the stinging pain in right foot zzz..
Anyway, i knw have a steel plate on my ankle, and walking properly is a bitch.
Slept my record earliest in a long time, b4 2.30am lol =_=
And im suppose to having with some frens who juz came back frm UK tomoro..
Hmmm..wonder how im gonna do that.
There goes my plans for awhile..
And i thought i was gonna get my monitor by this week d..bla.
Oh well..

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