Tuesday, March 17, 2009


After 5 loooooong months, change rings liao! T_T
Im so happy!!
Lolzz..ok, think its my lack of sleep and too much coffee talking =x
5 months k babe? 5!!
Tsk tsk...
In 2 days, we tagged almost 800 hearts leh x.x
No wonder my fingers hurt lol..
Though my evening was slightly marred by some stuff at hm,
and also some1 who made me pissed for awhile..
It was made up with this :)
At first thought we were gonna do it tomoro le..but 100hearts like so fast nia..
So i rushed out to Arizona to do it..
The love party song, was a 128 bpm song which i don think hv played much b4..
And ive been playing too much on my lappy got me abit worried..
And also, the cc tend to get laggy at times x.x
Though babe said it was easy to perf, the 1st few games that i tried i couldnt perf !!
Whenever the ball reached the light, my screen would jump and i'd end with cool
Lucky after off'ing the vsync it gt slightly better, guess it was my nerves ba =x
Too long nvr play ballroom liao lolzz (blame blame =x)
Heng we could sync perf, ended up with 12 hearts =3
But zhu babe chain so much, not cool! U stole my chains! hurhur =x
Choreo nia! i also play until so xin ku n miss.. zzzz
Need my pc back asap, need to train back le..
I feel so noob :(
Anyway, it was like our last party ba, when babe couldnt chain that 126 song and i could..
Redemption! Bleh~

Oh well, time to watch my movie and rest abit :)

And here's the ring...

Asphodelus babes^^

Didnt managed to save the replays though T_T,

Stupiak cc, i couldnt even retrieve my ss..shd hv reminded babe to save :(

Sad, sad...

But but but...

Thanks babe =3 for my new ring, next one blinging de wor..i wan can? =x



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