Thursday, April 2, 2009

I feel...blank?

Uneventful day, as usual lol..
Went to see doc again today..swelling has gone done but still needed to rewrap..
He said shd take at least 2 weeks more b4 the ankle heels x.x
Follow mum to see rattan chairs (she's been buggin for ages lol)
..and went home. L.O.L =x
What else did i do today? Hmm...
Oh. No more. Sad.
Oh oh..watched anime yay! =x
Now realised i might hv watched in wrong order.. tmd tmd tmd x.x
Oh ya, fr ppl who are wondering who "The arguement hubby" is..
He's non other than mr ricky c former partner in crime at ME,
the reason he calls himself that is coz, we argued alot in office...ermm..debate alot..
and one day my boss said, "U two sound like husband n wife la"
I told her.."Thats the worst thing u can say T_T"..
So yeah, that why he calls himself that >_>
He's finally an auditioner, but i doubt he'll stay long..LOL! =x
Never chionged today, actually watched quite alot of tv instead..
Sigh. Moodless.
Oh well, shall attempt to change my blog background tomoro..
Somehow, i feel scared..feels like im losing ppl i care abt..
Or maybe they dont need me anymore..
Am i useless for anything else?
"ive learned that by not expecting anything,
i wont get hurt.. as much.."

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