Saturday, April 4, 2009

Hot hot hot!!!

Omfg Pg is fucking hot and humid recently..i shd say the past few weeks x.x
Its gotten worse this week..even when it rains, its hot!!
Crazy lar, i end up bathing many many many times a day =_=
Went for Qing Ming today.. my grandparents..
Lucky it was not sunny, though a little humid and also rained abit x.x
Reached the place at abt 4 and ended up staying there till abt 7plus,
coz granpa n granma didnt finish eating yet lol..
Until at last, i asked them and they finally said "ok, hao le" haha..
I think must be so many ppl keep asking, they also fan le xP!
Saturday nite jam, finally reaching home 8plus liao..
suddenly had major migrain, must be kena rain..took 2 pills to stop it from turning
into fever :( ..then somebody made me i went to sleep at 2am..
But then everything is fine d..thanks for the "fresh flowers" xDD
Ill try to be nice frm now, but u also har! lol..
Im irritated lor!
Everday i log in so many times..and when i see the gap closing i keep thinking
"goin to lvl, goin to lvl, goin to lvl!"
Even lvl'ing in audi also not so hard. Omgosh x.x
Btw, gratz babe fr passing ur lvl 56 lic - once! So pro =3
My turn! LOL=x
I intend to finish up the remaining % tonite coz i figure, even when i say tomoro
morning, i wont be able to wake up x.x
Im juz nt a morning person...rofl..
Oh ya, watched jf, ky, baby and huii brbp earlier (wish i have my com TT) and
saw this panda npcs!


He say, if got this pandas appear means, the npc wont drain o.o
I dono he pian me or not =x
Anyway , the pandas dam good dancers k? They can moveeee xP
Im feeling easily irritated these few days, maybe my period is coming o.o
or maybe, sometimes wat i say are meant to be jokes, bt ppl take it so
seriously and then i get
Life is simple, u live, u laugh and u love..wats so hard abt that?
It was a joke when i said i had no life, but u guys took it the wrong way..
Im nt negative, not abt life.
If i was, i would be dead long ago. lolz.
Enuf abt that, maybe its juz my crazy hormons..
Sorry guys if i seemed not :)
And tomoro IS gonna be a fk up day fr me (ask me 1st why, b4 sayin im negative)
i need see doc again, hopefully its getting better coz i really need to start working..
Oh well..its officially MONDAY!
Hope u guys have a great start tomoro and a wonderful week ahead~!
Cheers peep and lotsa luv x3's~
"dont judge me before u really understand me"

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