Sunday, April 26, 2009

Weekends come n gone, and i feel the same. I am trying to make somethin of my life, i wan to look back and see all the things ive done and be proud of myself. Not to say that im not now. I am. Im happy with the choices ive made so far coz even though it has not been all good, but there also that silver lining :)

Im reminded of all the ppl i knw, the frens ive made and it makes it worthwhile. So far, no regrets :) The only regret i have is not having my own career yet. Something which i will be good at, something i can be proud of.. I guess some ppl wait all their life to find it. Im sure i will find mine soon. Pray for me?

Didnt do much this weekend, bt did alot of soul searching. Of what i shd start doing and stop procrastinating. What is good for n what is not. Who i need n who i dont. So ppl who couldnt care shyt about me but pretend that they do, juz do urselves a favour n stay away. I don need more pretence in my life k? actually took me 3hrs to blog this. Lol. Well, that n the fact that robo wars has been givin me problems the whole day, so gave up for now. Shall continue tomoro. And also was editing MY pics n posting in FB lol..And also ange convincin me that they looked nice =x ALOT of convincing hahaha...Spammed my fb would be the more precise word for it :p

Oh well, its officially a Moooonday, it might be a blue one for some u guys but hey, face it strong peeps xD

I feel irritated, annoyed, flabbergasted and left out..
Where were u when i needed u the most?
Dont shut me out unless u want me to do the same.

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