Thursday, September 30, 2010

Series of Unfortunate Events

I had a nervous breakdown during lunch today. Really..! Lol.

Decided to go to Perak Road for lunch coz had to run some errands for mum and reached there from office quite fast, abt less than 10mins? Coz its really very near my office, even despite the rain. Did everything including having a quick lunch in less than half n hour and decided to go back to office dy so i could beat the school dismissal jam and the rain was starting to get really heavy.

FML #1
Tho rain seemed quite heavy, my car was just in front of me. And i tot running to it wouldnt get me THAT wet. Little that i knew, i was really going to get REALLY wet ._.

So now im extremely wet and cold in my very foggy car, and my baby being a very old baby, has it cons, especially at times like this. My wiper doesnt really work in rainy conditions lol...when i say it doesnt work, means it doesnt really do the work its supposed to do coz it really not touching my windscreen.. LOL :x

The rain was getting heavier and my vision almost completely paralysed, hence i decided to take shortcut back to the office. Bad idea. Shortcut turned out to be the death of me, being stuck at the same spot for about 20mins. Now im wet, cold and irritated ._.

Another thing abt my baby, it doesn't really work well in jammed up situations, as it tends to get heaty and temp goes up .____. and me being stuck in the same place fr awhile, saw smoke coming out from the bonnet >_>

Took another route coz i was getting frustrated, but it got worse. The bladi road was literally flooded on one side! Wtfug??? At this point school already dismissed and the jam just got worse. Wonderful! ._. So now im wet, cold, irritated and cursing at all the ppl who are out in the such horrid weather conditions D:

FML#4,5,6,7, infinity and beyond..!
Jam jam jam jam, almost knocked into a motorist coz i was blind in my car (tell me why im still having this car?) more jam till i finally reached office 1hr later when my trip shd have taken me less than 10minutes. *LAUGHS!*

So now, im having a headache coz i got wet in the rain and my mood has gone down the drains coz i remember now how much i hate driving in this weather in dear old Penang.

Remind me to nvr be adventurous and go out for lunch to places other than behind my office anymore please?

Oh other than that im pretty fine today, thanks for asking! How about you? ._________.

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