Saturday, October 2, 2010

Mahalo peeps! :)

First of all.. happy belated fly-day! Although its already almost at the end of doyoubi desu ga :(

Let me share with you on what a completely tiring start of a weekend i just had. For one, i just came back from class abt an hr ago....and i started the day at 9 bladi friggin am with exams x.x Summary of exam today? Dam nehnehkukufruitbasket! Hard lo... :( Tho i dont doubt i will pass, im still nt happy with the results of how i did. Sadded T_T

Then had lunch at gurney plaza with a friend and went back to class till abt 6pm...tsukareta deshyo! And see i so kut lat, even tho so tired still come in and blog.. guai or not?! Lub me dip dip or not?? Lol :x mentally exhausted and physically dead so must forgive the insanity that is me for now x.x

Tho i think, this post will take some time to complete coz im having....the in bed :s Cant blame me, this morning was heavenly to sleep in with all the lovely rain T_T

3hrs later....

Lol, i actually fell asleep when i saw how tempting and cozy my bed was looking earlier :s Anyway here i am again to continue lolz :p

So, like i said had exams and classes the whole day today. Bad enuf exams were really sucky, this last module that im having is one of the toughest ones. Alot on grammar testing, and i thought my grammar was good :( I mean, its ok la but i nvr did know abt the rules of sentence creating or the tenses and clauses bla bla bla.. extremely technical x.x

Plus point, im gonna be so good in grammar soon....hmm, i make it sound like so cool and un-nerdish :x Blah, dont care, im so gonna rox in grammar.. oh wait let me rephrase, im so gonna be wonderful in grammar! LOL :x

Another plus point is that this is the LAST module :DD So after this, one more exam next month with my practicum assessment and ima bona fide teacher! Lol...thats if i pass D: Man , i pity my future students :S Anyone wanna be my guinea pig? :p

And finally ill be able to enjoy Saturday morning like it was meant to be enjoyed! Damn the rain that keeps ruining my morning everyday for the past week :(

Work on the other hand is getting pretty hectic, hopefully i can survive till the next hols.. which is due in about less than 2 weeks :D Lol...not looking forward to that day actually...but hey, once a year, nevermind la :D

Me will be attempting to change my blogskin after this, something which ive been planning to do for awhile now and i actually did do it on Thursday.. changed for about 5mins and realised there was alot of other crap i needed to add into it and immediately changed back..lmao :s

So, if u see, please let me know what u think! I actually already know what im changing it to, something rather similar in terms of concept but not really identical lol. Just see for urself ba, thats if i did it after this and not be coaxed to jump into bed again :x Kinda like it, except for a little detail which im hopin ill be able to oversee.. tell me if u spot it :p

Ok la, better do it now coz i feel a slight laziness comin about dy :x Have a wonderful Sunday all!

P.s. Say it like you mean it and not cause you have too or I'd rather you dont say it at all :)

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