Friday, October 15, 2010

Hitori? :)

Sugitaru wa nao oyobazaru ga gotoshi :)

So how was my day at home on a Friday? Sleep galore la what else! :p Ok la, i did do other things other than just sleeping, i...erm...watched dvd and erm..OK LA, i didnt really do much! Q_Q

And im proud to say, i didnt regret it one bit! :x The sleeping i mean... coz i felt so happy after that hahahahaha :X but then again, this would mean that i will having nothing to post about....yet again D: So what should i crap about today? Hmmmm....

Guess u all will have to wait till Sunday when i take my family to dinner and take piccys of oishii sushi, sashimi, california rolls....yummy :p Cant really remember the name of the place tho, all i know is thats its nearby Tao's. So shall see if its as worth as eating there or not :)

Vegan week goin ok lol, one thing tho is that we tend to get hungry more x.x so what else can i do but to drink loads n loads of water and well....sleep? Lol. Mum was complaining that ive been in my room and on my phone, tapping my phone, or by the pc for the past 48hrs ._. As if i have anywhere else to go... its not like i can jio my friends out for food or wad...unless they're vegan too >_>

AND its not always that i get to just lie ard and not have to worry abt classes or exams or work.. give me a break man :(

Guess thats about it for the past 2 days.. told ja i did absolutely nothing! But u all still wanna read, so ma post lor... :p

Also note that for this post, my fonts have gotten slightly cuckoo and i feel its gonna come out small... but then im gonna be too lazy to actually changed coz its taken me 2 days to actually finish it x.x Its just been sitting here on my desktop, minimize, maximize, minimize, maximise....and typing one sentence each time till TADA! I have a...well almost a full post :x

Slightly not in the mood at the moment, so till Sunday ba! Ja mata ne! :)

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