Monday, October 18, 2010

Monday D:

3 days nvr work nia, no need so much work to do kuaaaaa?? Kua zhang leh really ._. Non stop like omgwtfbbqsaucechicken!! Seriously la, i was like non stop for the entire friggin 10hrs, except for the time i went home for lunch and that was already almost 2pm >___>!

Call here, call there, quotations, po's, do's, invoices...bla bla bla, etc etc etc.... Like a bladi headless chicken nia, run here, run there ._. Really so kua zhang leh! Blahhh..

Before i knew it, it was already 7.30pm. No wonder im having migraines now, so tired :((

And i tot i wanted to leave early to go get my kb! Not my fault ar really! I really just dont have the time...pang sai also no time ar wtf >_> Thankfully, this only happens on Mondays and Tuesdays, the rest of the days are quite ok de lol.. Hmmm, maybe i should have taken Monday off instead :x

Also mum's been gettin on my back on how much im staring at the phone..lolz. aiya, whats new la, i sit in front on pc, she will say, sit in front of tv, also say, then she ask me shd sleep more :O Which i do, i think :s Just coincidentally that i happen to tap on my phone at 5am in the morning and she HAS to go to the toilet every single time and see me.. -.-

Anyway, been in and out of sleep mode since i came back, really having a bad headache again, sigh. Didnt really sleep well last nite, coz was having bad dreams...yes again.. i tend to have them when i go to bed after a bad day, i really really reallyyyy dont like being angry when i go to bed..

Gotta get some rest dy.. baibaizz~!! :)

P.S. suddenly cravin for Manhattan Fish Market's seafood platter again... monkeybananafruitbasket! :x

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