Sunday, October 17, 2010

Tsuruya's :)

Well as promised, here are the piccys of ze dinner .. :)

My fav! Chawanmushi~ :DD

Then there was eel....unagi set that my brother chose :p

Sis chose the Giant Squid which her friend treated her for her birthday... not bad :D

Then there was crab...soft shell crabby~ :D

Sorry this came in late, but was abit down in the evening... :) Didnt really work up an appetite too, not sure if was coz i was still full, or something else..

Oh wells, Tsuruya was relatively ok, and kinda cheap too. Tho the lunch sets have more variety to choose from then the dinner ones. Luckily we could opt to get the lunch even tho it was already 7pm :p One of the other waiters came to us and said, "Oh , thats the lunch sets, now its dinner already so no more" So we were like, err ok, *but we already ordered....the lunch sets? :O* then we all just stared at him with mouths wide open and went... "ohh, ok..." Lol.. epic dumb blonde moment ._.

Anyway, finished kinda fast and got full really fast too :S wonder it was coz of all the rice x.x The temakis are too die for tho, had salmon temaki! Yummy :D

Conclusion? I still prefer Tao's. Lolz.. Tho it is slightly more expensive but really worth it, esp with the all you can eat sashimis! So we decided, we're gonna go again soon, prolly end of the month.. LOL! :x My treat :p

Came home and jeng jeng jeng~ My belated birthday cake ~

Yummy choco cheese cake from where else, Secret Recipe lor... :P Sinful!! Bleh~

Initially wanted to get my new kb de since i was at e-gate but by the time dinner was done, darn shop already closed ._. Lousya.. So went back home, had cake and went into audi to vent and whack on my old kb lol... it was a good release for me..somehow :) Think i played for almost 3hrs...i think o.o Well, thats my remedy for forgetting sad stuff, that and retail therapy of coz...but i still refuse to buy acash! :x

Ahhh, cant believe my 3days are over :( Monday blues again...sad sad T_T

Must go cry into pillow liao.... *pouts!* Byeesss!

P.s. Cant believe my post-birthday days are just gonna as horrid as last years, i dont think i can do this again... I dont wanna feel so beat up again, please? :(

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