Monday, October 11, 2010

Mon-dai blues?

And here we are back at the beginning yet again, what a vicious cycle where it feels like the weekends only last 2 secs and the weekdays feel like 9982312763213 years .__.

I woke up this morning, looked at the clock in my room. It was 7.ooam and well thats sort of my normal time my first waking up session. Did what i normally do at this hour, tapped on my phone. Attk, attk, attk, do mission, send flowers..Lol :x

A sudden horrific revelation hit me, it was friggin MONDAY! I knw im being dramatic again, but i literally screamed, in my head that is, at the thought that i would have to wake up for work T^T

I gotta get me my leave at the end of the week. I gotta, gotta, gotta before i lose my flippin mind ._.

Anyway, sort of went into a minor depression state after talking to a friend lol.. im sensitive la, i know, but what to do, thats just me. Got me anyhow thinkin again of why things have turned out as such. Some of its is my fault, but im not solely to blame for it.. the feeling of just letting all this go came to me again, tho it did hit me that me leaving might not matter as much as it did before. Saddening eh? Sigh lol..

Gotta get to work soon lol, snaked abit downstairs coz work environment today is abit quiet lol.. as in bosses are not talking or rather havent been talking to each other since i came in fr work x.x No comment ba, since both are talking to me nicely :p

Ok la, laters all! :)

P.s. What is really troubling you my dear? I wish you could just tell me like u used to..

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