Wednesday, October 27, 2010


Ive been contemplating the whole nite on whether i should continue on my saved drafts - thus present the illusion that i havent been posting or just lump it all together and start with a new post. OCD tells me, i shd stick with the old dates, coz then ill be posting things tat happen on the actual days... however, brain is not so obliging and well fingers are protesting,

So, i decided with the latter :x

Easier also la hor, not only do i not stress myself with trying to recall what actually happen for the past week, but i also get to make tis post super long so u all will read it twice! Win win situation? :s Ok la, enuf of unnecessary crap (which btw, helps lengthen this post :p) and lets do some flashback on the past week.. :)

Sadly, my life being the rather boring one at that, has not much updates *sry for disappointing everyone * so, i shall attempt to read back at my saved drafts to try and recall what it was that was goin thru my mind at the time... (another lame attempt to lengthen this post....rather successful tho :p)

Lets see...

Wednesday was not so cool, not only was i extremely busy at work and basically crazed the entire day, came home, and had to leave str8 for JP class. Reached home at 10, to find mum in one of her "moods", so i was not only tired and hungry but also in the middle of an incomprehensible cold war ._. In the end, made ramen for dinner and well, im happy dy :) Eating ramen always brings back memories of living alone in KL lolz, kinda fond memories at times, despite the living by myself thingy ;)

Thursday was uneventful, as was Friday, even tho i shd have been rejoicing that it was already the end of the week. Sadly, i had to work full day on Saturday ._. but not having classes on Sunday morning, for the 1st time in months and not havin to wake up at an ungodly hr when everyone is sleeping happily brought me some joy :p Even if i was slightly irritated abt some work stuff, which to cut the story of that short, i just really dislike being in the middle of any debates/arguments/etc etc etc... i watch, its ok, but never, i mean NEVER pull me in ._. Blahhhhhhh..!

It suddenly hit me too that my bosses, as in the husband n wife, are still not on talking terms...since, well, since i said it the 1st time which was a cpl of weeks ago? O_O;;


Anyway, that was Saturday for you, and saying that it was uneventful would be an friggin understatement >_>

Woke up late on Sunday, only to find mum had gone to New Lane and gotten the famous fish head/fish with bee hoon for breakfast. Now im not really a fan of fish, but this one is an exception! Becoz u have to be there before 11am or they will be like completely out of fish dy.. Yes, damn good business ok? Totally yummy esp eaten with cili padi! Omgoshh x.x

Sorry pic not bery clear, was in a hurry to dig in :x LOL!

Slept somemore after that, with tv and vid intervals in between, cz wanted to get new dvd player for my finally ok? Really bth the one that im using which mum got from her china friend de...durable la but still in the end was really dying a slow slowww and painful death and bringing me with it ._.

Heng i nvr ppk and did go in the end....

"Pink is my favourite color!" - Steven Tyler, Aerosmith.. LOL :X

Isnt it cute tho? It looks big here but its actually half the size of the normal kawaiiii :x and PINK! even the bladi remote control! X___X

Okok, im gettin unnecessarily hyped over a dvd player.....but purdee ahhhh!!! :s Got a few new animes to watch as well...and ima happy chica for the day and a little cushion to comfort my oh so lovely Monday brusss.. Even if ima a little broke....the only thing ive yet to my new Kb ...bleh~

So, shall i continue on to Monday, even tho it was ridiculously tiring just like every other Monday? Weeeeee~!! Then again , better not x.x

Went to thru my mail ytd, coz its like overflowing dy :s and got notified of my impending practicals in November.. Mamacita! I need to start on my lesson plan dy.. i wonder how ima gonna get thru alive teaching my classmates, even if its only for 1/2hr ._.

In case ur thinking, "If u cant teach ur classmates, how u gonna teach others?" - Ur wrong leh, i find easier to teach ppl i dont know, or rather ppl i know genuinely wanna learn and not trying to make my life (however short that is) a living hell. Monkeybananafruitbasket lahhh >_>

Ermm, should i stop here? Are u gettin tired of reading? :p Actually im tired dy, so i shall continue my "adventures"! another time...LOL :x


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