Friday, October 8, 2010


Normally on a Friday post, i will usually say "Happy Friday!".. well im not gonna this week! Ima breaking out from my normal procedure and be different this week so im not considered a bore and too routine T^T .. *shall do that next week :x*

Anyways, modem died on us ytd.. after only being in usage for abt less than 4months? So much for that lol.. guess what we really need is those industrial type modems which needs whole room then only can :x So had to take out the one b4 this which we had to use for 3yrs plus and guess what? Worked perfect! :) Lol.. Guess that will have to do till we actually get a new one, which date is relatively unknown. It could be,

1. This one dies on us *touch wood touch woood!!*
2. Bro gets annoyed with this one, coz it doesnt really work well with wireless connections and despite me trying to reason with him abt the better connection using cable, he still refuses ._.
3. I suddenly get very rajin and buy a new one.. LOL! Highly improbable, but hey miracles might happen :x

Notice how i like to number my thoughts now? It makes it much more organised and i dont forget what i wanna say as much.. LOL!! ._.

And also, Friday is not bery happy day for me, coz ima still working full day on Saturday Q_Q so bery de saddening....which means i only have Sunday afternoon to rest coz i still need to wake up early for JP class tomoro...which reminds me...i havent done my task of thinking of one jp sentence to say yet.. DAMN! Shall think on the way to class tomoro.. i tend to get the best sentences when im in a frenzy :x Dont ask >_>*

Thinking of taking next Friday off since Thurs im on leave for my special day :p and well ima not working on Saturday... shall i? shall i? shall i? Woah, 4 days off wor! :DD

Shall try and ask the boss first *fingers crossed* !

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