Monday, October 4, 2010

Ding dong!

Welcome back me!

So, Monday is officially over.. that was Lol. Not really for me coz half the time i was actually sleep walking x.x Really tired lor.. felt like i could faint at any time :(

And what else, Monday being the usually busy day of the week. Orders to follow up, new orders to make, schedule to prepare, bla bla bla etc etc lol.. One good thing would be, it makes the day end that much faster :D

Played abit of audi with babe, who's btw pc is bery pro d :p And also just found out, season 3 is coming out tomoro! Guess the guitar thingy will be out too lol...already dled the patch so we shall see :)

So, basically this weekend was not really a weekend for me.. Had back to back classes till about 6 on both days and started roughly abt 9? Dam exhausting x.x But thank god i survived.. and it being a tough module, i had no qualms on staying on.. I mean Grammar was nvr really my strong point. I can speak and write fine, but ask me to explain why i should use these words instead of the other? Killing me would be easier :S

Anyway, need to read up more i guess and be more familiar with all my grammar, and phonology lol.. yeah, dam technical can? A word a day - Lexicon. Guess what that means? Yes? No? Lol.. basically it means a dictionary LOL! Yea, i know :x

At the end of the lessons, we were so changed in the way we spoke, that we somehow sounded British.. hahaha :x

Enuf about the classes, tho its my last one dy.. :D kinda worried abt the exams, hopefully ill be able to pass x.x

Came home and fell asleep after dinner, then woke up and decided to watch a new anime sis just got. Tho the cover looked harmless and shd have been comical, it was far from that...very farr... i mean the beginning was quite ok la, funny at times, bt it became scarier with each episode ._. Its sort of like a compilation of short Jp ghost stories. Tmd dam scary...or maybe coz i was watching the it alone at 3am in the morning... >_>

I couldnt fall asleep till 4! T^T

Ok la, time to retire to my lovely bed and continue watching the scary cartoon :x Im really actually very tired x.x why cant i sleep earlier de.. Baka!

P.s. I tot i could stay happy, until i saw the one thing that made me not again :( Why the need to do it now?

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