Sunday, October 10, 2010

Kill me nao!

Just had the worst Saturday ever, which forced me to make this resolution..

I shall never ever have boys. Ever. As my children. Ever! :x

Or maybe it was those kids which made me cringe ._. I spent half part of the day getting the migraines which i had so hard gotten rid of the nite before by sleeping veryyy early. They were screaming and shouting and running around! Omgomgomg the friggin horror! Worse part is, the parents didnt even care wtfish? Brats like... *swears swears swears* nobody's business!

The youngest girl was ok, bt the 2 oldest boys, omg, i swore i could almost shoot my head off x.x They were screaming not only in normal volume but i swear it went into ultrasonic ok? I think only dolphins would be able to understand them and prolly die from it too ._____________.

Gahhhhh!! *shoots myself in the head over n over n over again..*

Ok la, maybe i made it abit too overdramatic, tho i swear im really not coz even my lady boss, who has children bth them ok? I will have boys , but they will nvr turn out like those little horrors else i will disown them for sure >_>

Safe to say, it has been a long and tiring day, even without those little *&^%$%^ making it even more tiring... but!

I change my layout!! :D Ive completed one of my missions! Yay! :x

Still looks abit weird to me, coz ima not used to this one yet, but tell me what u guys think it too white now? And i didnt quite like the fact that it didnt have a border frame...i have a thing for borders :x

Found this one ytd actually but was too lazy to change, and i really really couldnt find anything else that i liked. There were some nice ones but i hate having to click ard for different pages.. very mafan ._.

Notice now there's a comment section for each post too? :D and i managed to tweak my chat box :DDD! Me is very proud of meself now :p

But still, comments please, coz i might change if i do chance upon a nice one :) for now, i need to go lie down coz my back is killing me and im starting to doze off x.x

Hope there arent any typos coz ima lazy to check dy :x


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