Sunday, October 17, 2010

Random thoughts

Happiness is just like a butterfly, the harder u try to catch it, the further it flies away..

But what about seizing the day n nvr letting any chance slip away? Or grabbing the opportunities when they come? Tsk tsk... so contridicting right? Lolz :)

Ive been thinking of my priorities in life and somethings have been left draggin on for the longest time. Guess its time to finally let go of the past and holding on to the pain that was before. I should learn to be stronger and independent as before, when i never needed anyone's approval for things. I wonder what happened to that me.. when did i become so insecure? Hmmm..

Its kinda true what a friend told me ytd, sometimes we give out too much of our power to others that we forget to keep some for ourselves..

Sorry to be sounding so chim on a beautiful Sunday afternoon, but hey, its times like this that makes us think right? :D

Ive realised sometimes ive given in too much or given out too much that what i have to say is nvr really heard, and my sometimes seemingly uncaring about the things ard me exterior have made ppl think i really cant be bothered hence make decisions for me. At home, at work, and everywhere else. Ive somehow made myself unimportant :)

Oh wells, enuf of the heavy stuff, just had a fun 30mins whacking ard in audi and laughing my ass off over lame stuff... and cant wait for my JP belated birthday dinner tonite! :DD

Think i need just that, to be happy in the moment for the things that really matter and the ppl who really care and nothing else ;)

In the end, think of who are the ppl who will be there for till the end for the right reasons, the ppl u can call ur real companions..

Im constantly hurt over how im pushed aside for ppl who....i dont know :) I dont like it, and will nvr like it, to be deemed less worth than them. Lolzz. I laugh at myself for being angry cz i really shdnt degrade myself to their level ;)

I will always be here but only for the ppl who want me ard, this is my promise.

Anyways! Wait for my later post ya, this time i will take many many piccys! :p

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