Tuesday, October 12, 2010


Day 2 - and bosses still not talking to each other...hmm.. i wonder if this is their normal practice, but i had the 'privilege' of being the middle man and passing messages between the 2 of them ._. This me no likey dy!

Btw, did i tell u that my bosses are Mac fanatics? Lol.. Not only do all of them use iPhone, but all our pc's are actually Apple Macs from the 1st gen to the latest they just got last week coz the last one mb died and to get it repaired cost abt 3k? x.x

Anyway, couldnt help but drool at it still :p Damn beautiful little things leh, makes me also want one kukunehnehbasket ._.

Chio right! I wan also lo, wtfiak ._.

In case ur wondering, yes, that is my office lol.. and its original lighting :p Actually i adjusted it brighter dy lol, abo even darker.. romantic right? hahahaha :D

Anyway, plan to treat family to Jp dinner for my birthday..but will have to be postponed to after the vegetarian week is done lol. Yea, im vegetarian on my birthday lor.. i wonder if there are any vegetarian cakes out there :S

Still havent had the chance to ask about my leave T_T just too dam busy and alot of walk in customers. Apparently alot of those super condo owners just got their oc and rushing to move in and prepare everything before CNY.. that and the fact that my bosses are still not talking makes me kinda apprehensive to ask D:

Jia you jia you me!

In case ur wondering about my new kb....well i dont have it yet! Wanted to get on Sunday de, but but....hmph mai explain dy, later kena shoot also de D: Hopefully i..can..get ...it.. if...i.. get... leave?

Blek! .___.

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