Monday, September 27, 2010

Random :)

So now that Monday is officially over, how was it? Mine was in summary, rain, rain, rain and more rain.. i get u get the idea lolz. And its still raining in the background as im sitting here typing all this lol..Guess its that time of year again when its weathers like this that make u unable to get and go to work x.x

Its gonna be hell i tell u, and its only goin to be a matter of time before i start taking "mc's" :x

Ok la, i wont so guai ma and a morder emproyee on top of that :p Day went by kinda slow today, and rather unexpected since i was expecting more of a typhoon. But alas, no such thing happen lol. Only me and staring into space moments..well for most of the morning i guess only starts getting busy after lunch and before i know it, its time to go home :D Oh wells, the fun-ness in the monotonous working life. How fun! ._.

Anyways, finished my daily routines of fb games lol, slots, scratch off's bla bla.. time to find another dvd and lay down while i finish whats remaining of the day... Wah! This sounds friggin depressing leh! I wanna start travelling again! T______T

Seriously, gonna save up and make sure i go travel Europe next year :DD!!

Oh on a extremely random note, mum has gone slightly overboard with the purchasing of toiletries recently. Now my bathroom has so many different kinds of body washes, body scrubs, facial washes also leh...from ginseng extracts to cinnamon extracts to alpine extracts o.o Its kinda fun goin to bath everyday and think "Hmmm, what shd i use today?" ._.

Ok la, since im still stuck in Malaysia for now and in my bedroom fr that matter, shall go with my earlier plans and find something to watch and fall asleep in the process while my sis complains to me tomoro how i always nvr switch off the tv :x What can i say? I like the sound of tv lulling me to sleep :s

Aloha Tuesday! :)

P.s. Not really looking forward to the week, seriously, bad vibes comin' about x.x

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