Saturday, September 18, 2010


Its finally the weekends but nothing to really rejoice about... most prolly coz i was working full day today and didnt reach hm till almost 7 x.x Plus the fact that ill be having exams tomoro along with Jp class in the morning.. so there goes my weekends actually.. Yay! ._.

And please dont ask why im working a full day on saturday ok? Plus factor here would be, im actually getting paid to work those extra hours so i guess its ok lolz.. but for those who really know me knows thats money is NEVER as important as sleep. LOL! :x

AND AND AND....!! I need a new kb :S Either i get a new one or i dont audi dy, cz the damn noise is irritating as hell >_>

And and and!!! I cant believe its only a month away again...that "beloved" day of mine. Seriously, time is moving toooo dam fast! HOLD ON PPL!!! Ok la, im being dramatic but old age does that to one.... idj392t86u485234509)*($)#&%-381! Wait i didnt say im old... -.-

Talking abt age, i forgot i left out this very small detail during my outing last weekend, cant believe i actually forgot abt something which made me float. While i was out with my friends' friend's, i was actually asked if i was still studying.. LOLOLOL!! Im serious! Omfg ok, exploded inside with joy but calmly told them "Oh, ive been working many many years dy" HAHAHAHAHAHAHA!! Im so harpie :P

There might be another reason why they said this, but ima gonna stick with the one that makes me happy *shy* :x

Fine, ill stop being insane *grins*

So what else? Hmmm.. oh ya work stuff. Not really much to talk about lol, its been pretty peaceful for me here, tho there are occasional disagreements (not on my side) about stuff, which actually dont really concern just the audience :p But other than that, nothing major ba. It can get pretty boring, but hey, im not complaining as much right? :D Guess its not the major hols yet, so thats why its been at an ok speed :) One thing which irks me once a while is the being repeatedly asked to do something which ive already done. They have some major ocd's goin on too ._.

Oh wells, time to continue studying abit more and 'lian' my fingers for the 3 essays ill need to write tomoro...sure hand break T^T

Wish me luck!!!! :D that i dont break my hand that is :x

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