Wednesday, September 29, 2010

Mall Whore! :x

I...I....I..... spent my remaining acash last nite! T____T Left a measly 2k nia lol, after coming back to audi barely a week ._. I blame my mall whore companion who indirectly made me buy stuff..LOL :X

Dont kill me please...i lub chiu dip dip ok? :p

But i got my purdee fluffy wings lmao :s Ok la, ima happy back for now :D
Retail Therapy FTW! :x

In case ur wondering what we were laughing about, Jx had commented earlier that her butt looked big coz of the new top (which i said was nice) and couldnt matched with other things to make it smaller, so while we were playing, and she suddenly frozed, i asked her if she was looking at her butt :p

Anyway, its the middle of the week ady in a blink of an eye. I feel suffocated and will be even more so as the week ends x.x worse still, lately have been feeling kinda depressed :( Arghhh! Wake up and smell the fumes! Lol :x

Taking a short break to blog this, sort of a short breather from insanity since im unable to BN on my phone for now . Why? Coz my phone has been barred...again .____________.

Ok, before u say, "Again??" Stop! Coz i already did counter measures to avoid such situations when i signed up for my iphone by auto creditting my phone bill to my credit card so i dont have to go pay every month...which we all know i dont really do it on time x.x BUT i failed to see a loophole coz the reason i was barred was for the previous month's bill b4 i switched over >_> Apparently, the auto thing doesnt work and go back in time for past bills. What the chit tong chiang kns blah blah blah!

So i just paid this morning and have to wait till later in the afternoon before i can use it. Ka chui.

Back to work lah, sleepy as hell and it just started to rain...again wtf zzzz

Oh ya, ima kinda proud on how fast im able to spout sonnets of my life in such a short break :p Arent u? :DD

*actually i cheated abit coz i wrote some last nite..LOL!

Tata!! :p

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