Saturday, August 22, 2009

Do you believe in Karma? Those "what goes around, comes around" stuff? I always have. But recently it has been proven and strengthen my beliefs even more.

My faith was once shaken, in thinking that being the good guy was useless and unappreaciated. That good guys only get screwed while the bad ppl just go about their things happily. Well, im slowly gaining back the faith that, if ur bad and u screw with ppl's life, u will get screwed back.

I know its not good to talk behind ppl's back, but i have to tell this one lol.

My bosses are not really good ppl. They might be good parents but i wonder what example they are showing to their children. They treat their suppliers bad, buying stuff and delaying payments, and then scolding them in front of us when they chase for payment. They can owe up to a few years for some. And these ppl sometimes just give up chasing. They say, this is the way to do business. Is it? Lol. I have nvr seen ppl work like this.

They treat their staff badly, by using them to the max if they're still in the office after work hours and reprimanding them if they decide to go home on time. Ive been so busy this past cpl of weeks becoz i had to source for materials for a new project and the biggest problem was, i couldnt find ppl who wanted to do their work ._. and ppl who would, did it becoz i asked them to help. Sigh. In my heart, i hope that they dont get the work coz they might end up not paying these ppl. And it will be on me, coz i asked to them to help out.

This is what i think is the karma part..

Theyve been facing one problem after another, unable to get back their money frm their customers, and then one of their managers were checked out as making false work cards for the foreign workers at site and cheating money frm the company, and after that their house maid went pyscho and wanted to kill herself (yes, crazy right?) so there were consulate cases, hospital cases and finally after she was able to be released and sent back home, my bosses car was involved in a hit n run. As in her car was hit by someone in the parking area and they just left. Its just one thing after the other.

And the car thingy happen the day after she reprimanded us, coz we had being goin home late these past 2 weeks, and when we found out the deadline had been extended we decided to clock out earlier and mind u, it was already after work hours. She didnt like it when we wanted to leave and asked us to stay and do some other things fr her. Wtf? I dont think she learnt her lessons yet...

So ppl, believe that it is real, and now as one my colleagues said, God is no longer postponing His lessons to those ppl, He's doing it now.

Okok..enough heavy stuff haha :p

My pc can finally audi :O Haha.. On that day my bosses reprimanded us, i decided to go to cc to try out the new stuff in audi. Manatau stupid cc, kena repatch paid fr 1hr when i was there only fr 10mins >_>

Went home and decided to patch the one in my pc, didnt really put much hope coz the last time i patch also it didnt work..i tried to go in using full mode, couldnt then tried with windows, can d!! Woots! I think its my screen problem, coz its a bit too wide and i cant seem to set it to work. Hmm..nvm, not complaining coz i can play d :p and ytd night i could msn suddenly :O Weird but good weird lolz..

Anyway, shd get back to work..YES IM WORKING! On a rainy saturday....bah.

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