Monday, August 24, 2009

Its officially Monday~ T_T

I doubt i will have time to blog tomoro at work, so im doing it now @_@;; So what did i do during the weekend?

Saturday was spent half day at work, came back with stomach cramps and fell asleep. Woke up almost 6plus..forgot i was suppose to meet up some frens for a birthday celebration at a karaoke in town..Wanted to 747 d, then thought abt it and decided to go.. Ive been neglecting my friends too much. I mean, these are the ppl who always remember me when they have things on, even though i havent been working with them for more than 1 year now..these are also the friends that when u need to talk, even though they're busy at the time, will always call you back later and check up on you. I really shd treasure my friends more =/
So, had a cpl of laughs, some supper and went back ard 10plus, feeling a little better knowing i wasnt really alone.. Played abit of audi..well not abit..till abt 2plus LOL :x and slept ..
Sunday was in and out of bed day for most of the time..lolz..Loitering ard Fb like those hungry ghosts during the 7th month :x Finally went out to Midlands ard 5plus to search for my new modem. The old one really giving too much problems plus its quite old le. It keeps changing its own ip add ._. Anyway found the one i wanted, bt will go back n get it tomoro only coz sis wants to modify her printer ink catridge to those external ones :O Pretty cool stuff :D Came back ard 8plus and audi'ed again till abt 12..uber tired ler..Checked on my FB abit..robot wars abit, FFS abit and here i am..exhausted with Monday Blues >_>
Hopefully tomoro will be a good week for me :) Hope its good for you guys too~ (^^*)

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