Friday, August 14, 2009

Hello peepos~

I juz realised its been almost a week since i last blogged o_o.. Always promised myself will blog when i get home but then it slips my mind.. Im juz so dam shagged.. Yea yea i knw, shag sounds so wrong but I AM! Shagged by work. Tmd.

For the past week, have been looking at architect plan and sourcing for materials like mad..It would be easier if my bosses had a good rep but then...hmm.. Lets juz say, i need to becareful of who i call. Bla them. Tender submission deadlines are next week and i havent gotten feedback frm some yet..Sigh. SHAGGED! :x

Thank god bosses havent been ard for the past week because of some incidents at home, so they have been pretty preoccupied by that and havent been coming to the office. Hopefully ill get the rest back soon, then ill be sound of mind again.

I think i knw why i havent bothered blogging. Damn line is also fucking me up and disconnecting me like a gazillion zillion times a nite. WTF? And oh ya, been actively involved in FFS..spamming ppl's walls lol..Keeps my mind off work i guess.. Trying to get myself maxed at 1b thats why the need to spam more ppl haha @_@.. Oh well, im cute this a dark way i mean.. Somehow ive sorta given up and let things take its course. It will happen when u least expect it :)

And and and also have been fiddling ard with graphic softwares and experimenting haha..Im nt good at it but pretty decent ba ;)

Ok, back to work i guess.. before bosses suddenly come in @_@;; Juz wanted to update abit..and it really is abit isnt it :p

Have a great Friday guys, and a better weekend (*^^*)

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