Tuesday, August 18, 2009


Hello world @ 18th Aug 09..

Sorry i havent been faithful to my blogging, but work has really screwed me up x.x Once this tender thing is done with, i will be my normal self again haha :x.

Weekend was spent (omg, i cant remember what i blogged abt and am too lazy to chk, so pls forgive me if i am repeating myself ><) experimenting with HTML coding for my FFS page. Went through a guide this dude posted and am quite pleased with the end results :) Though its not really professionally done, bt it looks cooler now haha :p Shall continue experimenting when im less tired..yay!

So, whats new?

Nothing really. Lol! Blah. Work has sucked out every single happy happy cell out of me. Coming home exhausted and mentally drained. I dont do much except for sit and stare at the pc till im sleepy. Lol. Zombie @_@;

Oh ya, achieved my 1st max value in FFS :DD. Currently am valued at 1b ehehe..Need to get resetted at 1.5b so saving up for that :p. I also plan on maxing babe..weee...i wan my maxed pet..LOL! Im such a sad sad person..So? Bite me.
Currently the only fb games i really play are, Farmtown (yes, i went back), FFS, and now Robot Wars (YES, i went back there too :x)..oh my ive been neglecting my slots..bad bad :x
I made a resolution today at work. I decided i shall try to look at the brighter side of things frm now, and not cry at the bad things that happen. Like work, yes im tired and stressed, bt im learning alot of new things at the same time too. So yea, shall TRY not to dwell on the negative sides of life. Wish me luck :p
Anyway, time for a rest peeps, shall see u when i see u again (^^*)
"Its not what ive been through that defines me, its how i got through it"

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