Wednesday, August 5, 2009

Hello world on a Wednesday~

Currently having a very bad headache at work and conccuring dizzy spells since ytd afternoon.. Maybe im coming down with fever x.x..

Updates at work:
Old lady complaining that she wants to resign, say bosses always yell at her for no reason..Which is quite true ba. My bosses abit no logic at times..Not tht they've said anything to me..But i can see from the way they treat her ba =/. Anyway been busy with new tender docs fr another project they're hoping to get. *migraines really getting worse*

Updates outside work:
Played audi in cc till quite late ytd x.x Joined all 3 compys haha, juz for the heck of it.

Novice comp ~ Used my HaluLoveAki acc :p..B4 u all wonder what a name..its from a J-drama in which im absolutely in love with Takuya Kimura ♥_♥.. anyways, passed 1st rd and 2nd was all 8k woots! 3rd rd died..lousy song :( lol~ Oh ya, almost forgot, lost 3rd also coz there was a hacker in my room.. zzzzz.

1st Round - Novice Comp

2nd Round- Novice Comp

Intermediate Comp ~ 2nd round out le...also lousy song x.x lol..maybe it was coz the cc that i went wasnt the one i normally go to, and its lags alot, and they charge more per hr! -.- *rants rants*.. Oh ya, i gt 1st in the 1st rd and the guy who gt 2nd said, "No chance player with chance player" LOL:X

1st Round - Inter Comp

Expert Comp ~ was lousy ._. Totally laggin at tis point plus i didnt hv headphones and dota players were already starting their shouting fest >_> Bla..blame them all. Anyway, managed to get to 3rd then sudden lag coz me to cool till the end of the song and i kena ninja'ed in the end. Double bla. Oh well, see if im feeling better later, will prolly go and try again ba =/

And yes i waited for u to online again. Dumb me ._.

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