Monday, January 17, 2011

Farewell Weekend, Hola Monday~

Yes yes, im updating despite that i didnt have much of a weekend anyway =.= Saturday was spent at work, and yes it was a FULL day which ended at abt 7plus x.x Went home and did wat i normally during the weekdays, logged in Steps and afk-ed while i bathed and have my dinner (and yes in that order lol...kinda sad i knw >.>)

Am seriously wondering why im such an afker there when i almost nvr did it in Audi lols, played alot in audi but yea, nvr afk-ed longer than my gameplay time ever in my whole audi life ~_~

Anywayyyy, slept late, as in wee early morning late kind, went to Jp class in the morning *dies in class coz sensei kept picking on me to answer >.> i wonder if its coz he saw me dozing off zzzz*

Came home, played a few rds after lunch and concussed the entire afternoon lmao :x Must admit, kinda enjoyed it :p with the cloudy/drizzling afternoon...lublub! Woke up and ended up couldnt sleep till early morning again ..fml. Think i had abt 2hrs sleep last nite and am currently hearing voices in my head =/ It sounds like my pc fan on its dying day @________@;;

And so there we have it, my sad excuse of a weekend which left me more tired than my normal weekdays, Oh God, CNY come soon and rescue me from all this.... CNY songs are just killing me at work ~_~

On a much happier note, i finally got my vid in Steps recorded!! Thank to Jon ♥ Ur the sweetest lol :D And also for doin 8K Sweet Mode with me, love the moves lor ~!

Pretty right?

Lol, ok la, back to work if i wanna finish on time today, my head really feels like its gonna explode at any time.. dam those migraines :(


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Isaac Tan said...

very nice vid !!! :) no wonder no news from you so long. Steps seems to be very fun :)