Friday, January 14, 2011

Happy TGIF?

Hmmm, well this would have made me very happy normally, the "jump out of my pants/skirt" kind of happy? Sadly, it would only apply to the weekends that i DONT have to work ~_~

In the case of this weekend... i do. Dam it.

Too many orders to work on and all rushing to move in fr CNY which coincidentally just so happens to be at the very beginning of the month. It has its pro n cons, biggest pro would be, CNY is coming soon!! My week long holiday of slacking like an arse at home.. yes, that IS my plan. No way ima go out coz its gonna be so friggin hot >.>

But before my enjoyment begins, ill hv to suffer the weeks away 1st, abt 2 weeks, plus minus lol :S that is if im still alive by then.. (its funny hw i hv a lot of deathly moment due to then its becoz i really really doooo D:)

My table is currently swamped with neverending stuff which always comes in and rarely gets out.. i mean they are done, but nvr done? If u got the idea, good -applause-, if u dont, then sorry, woe is me today :x

PLUS the fact that despite having so much to do, im still nodding off at my desk even after 3 cups of coffee for the day, im still having trouble staying awake. I swear ima die of caffeine overdose sooner than expected at this rate...Geezzz.. but then again I blame the late nights....solely on me :s I know i shd sleep earlier, bt my earlier always ends up after 3...sometimes 4...rofl :x

I will sleep early tonite....! I will....? *pouts*

Gimme my bed or keel me! D:

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