Wednesday, June 6, 2007

@__@!!! sooooooo tiredd >< ><...seriously really tired sia...its a wonder that i can even wake up for work everyday...wat motivates me? hmmmm.... with an average of lesss than 4 hrs killing myself k? i know it...*dies*

My work has taken alot of eye power, brain power, finger power..stare at comp from 8 to 5.30, reach home, bath, and stare some more until almost 2+? siao lang =.=! i admit nuts..berserk..cuckoo..and yet i still do it? WAT THE HELL IS WRONG WIT ME?!?!?!?

Ok, todays post shall not be an emo one..too tired to be emo k? even now as i stare at the brain is typing mindlessly..huhu..wat does tat leave me then? orh..nothing..ok bye guys!!!

Lol..jk jk...lets see wats new in my life..hmmm..nothing? oh ya..i want to resign from my job..but im scared T__T...chicken me..ive never handed resignation in such a short period before...i mean the last time i was like at wits end (and having ur mum whine and nag everyday also helped alot =x) oni did i gave my letter..i seriously dont know how im gonna do =x...

The reason im leaving u ask? (apart from the fact tat my mum's whining and nagging is starting again?) well, the family business is slowly picking up and i did promise last time tat i would help when it in order for me to keep my promise, i have to do the impossible..gahhhhh..why am i so scared to let ppl know i quit? coz i don like to? seems inevitable tat i shd have to do tis o..oh heavens help me..

Today has been a depressing day for me T_T..feel like my frens are all leaving more old frens left here in Pg...the last best fren i have is leaving for the US soon..I wish her happiness of coz..with all my heart..but i shall miss her dearly..Im all alone >< *saddened*

I actually for the first time blocked my pm in audi..and while i was playing some more..din feel like talking some how..was in my emo mood..oh well..alls well now..
MY DEAR FREN, I WISH U ALL THE HAPPINESS IN THE WORLD..LOVE U LOTS^^.. u've been there for me since we were 12 and my best fren always..u will always have a place in my heart..forever and ever..

To those who tried to pm me tonite..sorry again peeps (u too babe^^)..u know me la..overly sensitive..but tats why u guys love me rite? lmao..bps sia..eeee..blek blek :P

"...always cherish the ppl u have..frens..ppl who are there to listen and love u juz the way u are..u will nvr know how long u will have them beside u..."


Goodnite guys...<333 muaksss^^

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