Friday, June 22, 2007

update lurh~~!

Ive come to realise tat the good things in life should be taken in small n slow doses.. in tat way you'll appreciate it more and feel complete satisfaction when you do find it..wat a wonderful feeling!! is it not??

Tat is why i realised i shouldnt blog as frequently.. so tat u guys wont feel bored and really read my blogs and not juz glance through...rite rite rite??? LOL!! omg bth sia...anyway its still true^^

Actually i have nothing watsover to blog life is wait..ok got a theory abt is as boring and lifeless as u make it out to be...i choose to stay at home and not go out..tats my life is boring because i choose to be..i think it because, growing up ive always had the trust of my mum to do wat i wanted.. go out with frens and not have a curfew..coz she believed in me..that i will always do the rite thing..unlike other frens who had the worse time asking for permission to go out..all i had to do was tell her im going out and tat was tat..even when i started working..i always went out for drinks wit frens and came home after midnight..and my job which took me to all over Malaysia..i guess wat im saying is tat..ive sorta gotten tired of all tat...late nites and drinking too much..i wan a more peaceful life now..lolz...i suppose priorities change..

In a perfect world, i would be with the one i love..going out on weekends, hanging out at home on weekdays..curling in front of the tv and juz chilling..but this is a less than perfect world and ppl are not really nice at times..not to say all are bad..there are good ppl out there..juz hard to come by...i suppose everyone wants to feel loved, to have tat someone when it really counts...someone to confide in when u feel angry or depressed...someone to hold ur hand and tell u everything will be ok coz they're there for u...someone so much a part of ur life..who makes u complete..

All of us struggle to look for tat one person who will do all make u feel tat even if you don seem important in this world to actually matter more than anyone to them..

I would like to be angry at the world and everyone ard take out my pain and dissapointment out on everyone near to me..but i will not..not to say tat im giving in to destiny or choosing my destiny, my path...even if it does hurt feel unloved and empty...i will not falter..

"Close your eyes and feel me hold you
Can you lead me through this ordinary world
Let the sky cry restless rain
To wash away the miles between us
Cause without you, it's just an ordinary world"

My fav song of the month^^....

Juzt is there..juz have to look in the rite direction..

Till my next blog...lotsa of love and muacksssss^^

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