Tuesday, July 10, 2007


Hehe..miss me mar? :P

Haiz..ps la..lazy to blog abit..added to my no idea wat to blog = no blogging at all =x...

Work load has been horrible these past weeks..eyes are constantly dry and tired (where's my eyemo!!) so less aud'ing abit lo..nvr MIA lei..its u guys dont play^^.. Yes im still at the same place..nvr hand resignation..bla bla..but be informed.. due to some incidences at work..the impending resignation will be followed through..believe u me..long story tat is..and not in the mood to expose the incidents tat have occured..

Been watching movies again lately..its fun :P...there are some movies which i would like to watch again^^...*pouts* I WAN WATCH MOVIE!!! =X=X (being a lame shyt^^)

Had a nice weekend..it rained and slept in most of the time..slept until like 2+ in the afternoon on sat o.O..long time nvr do le..mum say 1 weeks rest all accumulate on sat then oni use...lols..yaya =x

The other reason din play so much also was because babe was away..T_T.. but lucky got souveniers for me :P and my demisoda!! (give me >.<)... but... to say i din play much is really an understatement... hurhurXD ;)

Omg..distracted by my mum's taiwanese serial..the type u see then can vomit blood de >< *vomits* ... dam irritating...why good guys so dam stupid de!!! walao bth..somemore its those old time serials (like chinese dynasty stories)...

O? writers block le so fast..i blame the serial..u all can also^^.. audi patching today..so ima got nothin to do :P...sleep? watch serial and be irritated? sit in front comp mindlessly? wah..list is endless of wat i can do tonite..lmao~

Okie..i shall go bath now and decide wat i shall do later..muacksssss^^

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