Friday, July 20, 2007


i refuse to be treated like one of them,
i refuse to be like one of them,
think like them,
act like them,
do the things they do,
that will never be me,
i am who i am,
and i am not them,
if i am does not mean i am dumb,
if i am does not mean i am happy,
my heart is soft..that much i know,
but it has never been weak,
it has always been strong to care,
to always be there,
to take in sorrows,
love me for who i am,
spare me a thought when you far from me,
and that will be enough,
my shoulder will be here to be cried on,
my arms will always be open wide,
to take you in if you ever need it,

but always remember i am not them...

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