Wednesday, July 11, 2007

Days like this.....

...are suppossed to be spent in bed..reading a good book and nice cup o coffee by ur table..alas tis is not a perfect world..we are living in a screwed up world whr we work for the money...but then...

im not complaining..juz stating facts^^...i love my days :) and although it seems sucky at times and i hate my boss :P still trying to forget abt the darker side of things and look at happier stuff..

and even i sit here..and having no clue wat im blogging coz my mind so dead from the work that i do everyday and god knows how many brain cells i have killed today and might look in horror of the things i have written down tonite *takes deep breath* i still love it~

we are all human..we have our "stuff", our priorities in life...and even when there seems to be no other way..there is always one..we juz have to look in the rite will nvr be wat u want it to be.. its up to you to make things happen..u have to fight for ur dreams..always..

" is as ordinary as u make it out to be...with a little bit of love, hope, care, passion and ur heart will make it extra ordinary..."

Dam tired ler..will blog soon.. i promise^^.. <333 muakssssss^^

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