Monday, July 16, 2007


As i walked out of my office today...the sunlight n smell of fresh had made me smile for the 1st time today..i was suddenly more calm and relaxed..not because of work..but of something else..

And as i walked to my car..i tot of the day tat had passed.. the truth is for the entire day i had been spacing in and out of conciousness..even when my frens spoke to me..i could not reply them and juz stared blankly at them as if i couldnt think of wat to say at all...

What happened u ask..? The thing is..a recent conversation wif a good fren n me suddenly realised wat they had told me...i couldnt understand it then but all of a sudden i knew wat they juz said...though i had hoped tat i understood them wrongly..the problem is..i think im certain of wat it is....

I suddenly felt utter disappointment towards them...and as the words kept repeating in my mind..i felt worse and wanted to tell them how i felt...and so i wrote a mail saying how i tot abt the incident...the mail is still in my draft box...i will delete it..

I realised all i needed was to let it out..

It was not my choice to be made and tat being the case i shall not they can live wit it and felt that they did no wrong..i shd sorry tat im dissapointed..will take me some time to forget it but i shall not say wat they shd or shd not is not my life to live...i have nvr ever given up on ppl..and nvr will..maybe it juz made me think abt stuff..

Life shd nvr be abt regrets..and even when you feel the whole world is against you...its almost certainly not...juz u against urself..even if u die tomorrow..think of wat u have done today and the days before...will u leave in regret...? We can nvr change the choices we have made...there's no take 2 in life..

I do not regret knowing you...and nvr will...ure still as close and dear to me as u ever were my dear fren...remember that..

" not say ure sorry unless u really mean it..."

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