Tuesday, July 24, 2007

At last......

It has been raining lately....so much rain...over the weekend...love the smell of rain in the morning...especially if u don have to rush of to work :) love the rain...

stayed at home completely for 2 days i was off...played audi most of time ;)...and rested.. this was one the best weekends i have had in a long time...

rain...means so many things in life...for the sad..it means the world is crying with you...for the happy..it means there's going to be better times after it goes away.. for me...i juz wish to look at it..the same i used to when i was little girl...the rain would be my company...my avid listener...would know how i felt at tat time..and even with all the things tat i have gone through in life..it has always been there for me...

the fact is..i suddenly feel that i have no one to turn to when i need to talk...when i needed to scream out loud.. to share my feelings..im so alone at times >_<".. i suppose someone's trying to tell me to wake up and be independant..why think negatively...i know that the way its suppose to be..but i am only human..and its not an excuse ok ( u knw who u are -.-)

hehe..its almost 3am now..and although im yawning alot.. cant find myself going to sleep..mostly because i had food poisoning today -.- and god knows how many times i ran to the toilet ><... gonna take mc tomorrow :P juz don feel like working...juz very very tired...

my plans for tomorrow? dono yet..lolss..see hao bah^^

Fav song lyrics for the moment? "One Last Cry by Brian Mcknight"

My shattered dreams and broken heart
Are mending on the shelf
I saw you holding hands, standing close to someone else
Now I sit all alone wishing all my feeling was gone
I gave my best to you, nothing for me to do
But have one last cry

One last cry, before I leave it all behind
I've gotta put you outta my mind this time
Stop living a lie

I guess I'm down to my last cry
I was here, you were there
Guess we never could agree
While the sun shines on you
I need some love to rain on me
Still I sit all alone, wishing all my feeling was gone
Gotta get over you, nothing for me to do
But have one last cry

Repeat Chorus

I know I gotta be strong
Cause round me life goes on and on and on
And on.....
I'm gonna dry my eyes
Right after I had my
One last cry

Repeat Chorus

I guess I'm down
I guess I'm down
I guess I'm down...
To my last cry...

Hehe..have a great week ahead peeps^^ <3333 & muackss...

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